Pin Dot Carpet PatternCarpet has been adorning the floors of homes all over the world for literally thousands of years now. Today’s carpeting is more beautiful and durable than ever, offering homeowners almost endless design and color options at a price that is affordable.

Why Choose Carpet?
There are dozens of flooring options available today but carpet still remains one of the most popular. This  flooring option offers you warmth and comfort underfoot, great sound absorption properties, is safe for busy kids to run around and versatile enough to match any décor.
There are a few myths about carpet that put some homeowners off the idea of using modern carpeting in their homes that we would like to take a moment to dispel. One of the biggest misconceptions about carpet is that it is harder to take care of and maintain than other flooring types.

The vast majority of the carpet available today is very stain resistant and a regular vacuum in conjunction with a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months is usually all that is needed to keep your carpet looking as good as new for years.

Another myth about carpet is that it is not a good idea to install in a home where people have allergies. Carpet is actually a great idea for these people as it has superb dust and allergen trapping properties. All the dust and particles in the air is drawn down into your carpet so it can be easily vacuumed away in seconds.

Styles of Carpet
If you have decided that carpet is indeed the right choice for your new floorcovering, you then have to decide what kind of carpet you want. Whatever you choose will depend on several factors – personal aesthetic preference, the kind of foot traffic that the room in which it is installed sees on a regular basis and of course the budget you have to work with.  Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular options:

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is probably the ultimate in carpet luxury.  With its soft velvety feel and rich looking appearance it works very well as a bedroom carpeting choice. Stainmaster Plush Carpet on SALE at $1.79 per square foot

Pattern Carpet

Looking for a carpet that can instantly convey a sense of modern sophistication to any room?  Then pattern carpet is probably right for you.  High cut “islands” in the pile create physical sculptured patterns that are very distinctive in appearance. Stainmaster Pattern Carpet on SALE at $1.99 per square foot

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet has loops similar to those found in a commercial carpet but they are slightly larger. A berber carpet is great for hiding footprints so it too is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. A great choice for basement. Berber carpet is available in solid and multicolor. Its durability is measured by type of the fiber. Stainmaster nylon fibers are generally the most durable berber carpets in the market. However, olefin berber carpet are very popular for the lower price point.

Wool Carpet

Wool carpet have been around for centuries but these days it is considered by many to be the most environmentally conscious carpeting choice as it is created from natural fibers that are firesafe, non-allergenic and very long wearing.

Frieze Carpet

The carpet loops are cut, then tightly twisted so the fibers appear to curl at the pile surface.  This dense carpet, pronounced as ‘free-zay’, works well in high-traffic areas like family room, rec room and steps.